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  1. Rivian R1S Discussions
    We just put our order down for the R1S but I'm wondering if anyone else is considering the Volvo XC90 all electric (recharge) that is supposed to launch at the same time. I'm very new to this car comparison game so not sure how to compare the two. We are a family of 4 maybe eventually 5 and have...
  2. Rivian General Discussion Forum
    One of my buyer values is to get in my car, plug my phone in and use my voice/ears to do what I want instead of fingers/eyes. One of the reasons I don't want a Tesla is because it drives me crazy to see someone spend that kind of money and have to hang their phone from a vent with a $10 piece...
  3. Rivian General Discussion Forum
    Can't wait for my R1S but... one of my key buyer values is to put my phone in a seat holder and do everything I want with voice commands. What does everyone know about: Can we use Google Maps or need to use native Rivian mapping/directions? Can I have text messages created and read to me...
1-3 of 3 Results