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  1. Electronics and Infotainment
    I really, really miss CarPlay, being able to use multiple music apps, podcast apps, audiobook apps, and Siri to have texts read to me as they come in, along with sending texts via voice. I miss it so much I tried out one of those self-contained CarPlay displays and it works pretty well in the...
  2. Electronics and Infotainment
    Apple’s Aggressive New Version of CarPlay Is Scaring the Car Industry. Here’s Why
  3. Electronics and Infotainment
    Perhaps my biggest disappointment about Rivian is the lack of Apple CarPlay. This will not affect my order, as I am excited to receive my R1S some time next year. I often use my calendar app on my phone to click on ”location” to get directions to events. With CarPlay, it opens Apple Maps...
  4. Electronics and Infotainment
    In his recent review of the R1T on Instagram, in the comments section Jason Cammisa confirms that heard from Rivian that CarPlay will be added. No mention of timing, or any caveats, but has anyone else received word on this from Rivian that goes beyond the usual "no plans at this time" line...
  5. Rivian General Discussion Forum
    One of my buyer values is to get in my car, plug my phone in and use my voice/ears to do what I want instead of fingers/eyes. One of the reasons I don't want a Tesla is because it drives me crazy to see someone spend that kind of money and have to hang their phone from a vent with a $10 piece...
  6. Rivian General Discussion Forum
    Can't wait for my R1S but... one of my key buyer values is to put my phone in a seat holder and do everything I want with voice commands. What does everyone know about: Can we use Google Maps or need to use native Rivian mapping/directions? Can I have text messages created and read to me...
1-6 of 6 Results