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  1. Interior
    At the moment there are 3 interior color/material packages and it appears that no customization or alteration of those packages is available. I have selected the black interior, but I'm not so sure about the black wood. I did some Photoshopping to see what the black interior would look like with...
  2. New Member Introductions
    As I constantly go round the configurator pretending to be chillin in my Riv I have a question on colors. Can anyone give insight on the Limestone color? Is it flat gray/gunmetal or is there a green hue to it? my eyes cant tell.......
  3. Rivian General Discussion Forum
    Did anyone else notice the colors samples at the 1:59 mark of the latest Adventurous Forever video from Rivian? I think the blue is still my favorite but I really want to see the R1T in red.