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  1. Electronics and Infotainment
    Hi all, I switched to a new smartphone and tried to add a new key... and then... P00f! The Rivian key page now only has the two key cards, and has now lost both my previous mobile phone and the fob. I would note that when I go into the key - user page, there is no option to add a...
  2. Rivian Problems and Reliability
    I have had my R1T for 3 months and it’s been nothing but issue after issue. Upon delivery there was scratches in the paint, hood misalignment, and one of the seat vents didn’t work. Additionally, mobile key did not work and air vents weren’t calibrated and moved in different directions every...
  3. Rivian Problems and Reliability
    Took delivery of R1T launch edition 3/22/22. All good. Heck, thrilling! This is a dream come true, really, an amazing truck and I 🤞🤞 for everyone to experience this soon yourselves. [Caveat - below is supplied in effort to share and be helpful, not critical. This is a brand new American...
1-3 of 3 Results