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  1. Rivian Problems and Reliability
    So this evening I came out to my truck and saw that the back door was unlocked but the front door was locked. How does that happen? When I get out of my car and walk away I expected a lot of vehicle. When I approached the vehicle I expected to unlock. But not just the back door. Has anyone else...
  2. Electronics and Infotainment
    Hi all, I switched to a new smartphone and tried to add a new key... and then... P00f! The Rivian key page now only has the two key cards, and has now lost both my previous mobile phone and the fob. I would note that when I go into the key - user page, there is no option to add a...
  3. Rivian General Discussion Forum
    Hi all, Tuesday night I parked my car in the driveway and put it in car wash mode. Since I was had washing my truck I exited my vehicle leaving my phone and dog inside When I finished washing it and wanted to get in I could not. Door handles were closed and not unlocking/folding out with either...
1-3 of 3 Results