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  1. Electronics and Infotainment
    Hi all How is the Rivian navigation system? Does it do traffic as well as Google Maps/Apple Maps/Waze, etc.?
  2. Member Classifieds
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  3. Rivian General Discussion Forum
    So far I cannot figure this out - if I type my address into the nav screen, it starts to auto-populate. It even has the little house icon next to it, so I know the car knows it's my home address. But there doesn't seem to be a quick way to select "Home" as your destination, it seems like I HAVE...
  4. Rivian General Discussion Forum
    Has anyone seen this issue with the navigation on the R1T? The current position of the truck jumps it's current location randomly (mostly when coming to a stop) while navigating or not. After it jumps away from the real location, it will jump back to the current location. If you are navigating...
  5. Rivian Problems and Reliability
    Anyone else experiencing terrible performance of navigation system? Several times it has either taken me to the absolute wrong location, or it takes me to most inefficient and longest route possible. I have flagged this to Rivian and asked why invest engineering resources in building maps from...
  6. Electronics and Infotainment
    Perhaps my biggest disappointment about Rivian is the lack of Apple CarPlay. This will not affect my order, as I am excited to receive my R1S some time next year. I often use my calendar app on my phone to click on ”location” to get directions to events. With CarPlay, it opens Apple Maps...
  7. Rivian General Discussion Forum
    One of my buyer values is to get in my car, plug my phone in and use my voice/ears to do what I want instead of fingers/eyes. One of the reasons I don't want a Tesla is because it drives me crazy to see someone spend that kind of money and have to hang their phone from a vent with a $10 piece...
1-7 of 7 Results