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  1. Rivian R1S Two Door

    Rivian Pictures
    I just saw this rendering and now I really want a two-door R1S! If Rivian made one would anyone pick it over the four door R1S or R1T? I think it would be better suited for off-road driving.
  2. Rivian R1T Torque

    Rivian General Discussion Forum
    When the Rivian R1T was first revealed it was said that it would come with a whopping 10,325 lb-ft torque. Now that would be some groundbreaking stuff but as we've seen from the electric Hummer, those torque numbers can be fudged a little bit. When calculated in the more conventional way, the...
  3. Rivian Voltage System

    Rivian General Discussion Forum
    Do we know how much the voltage system is going to be for the R1T and R1S? are they sticking to the average 400 volt or are they going to go with a larger system to outshine the likes of Tesla? I know Porsche has something like 800 volts for their Taycan sports car.
  4. Is Anyone Cancelling Their Rivian Order?

    Rivian Dealers, Prices And Orders
    I'm curious, has anyone with a Rivian pre-order considered cancelling it given all uncertainty surrounding the Coronavirus? Or are you planning to still going through with it? This may sound like an overreaction since Rivian hasn't started production but this virus is affecting everyone in...
  5. Rivian Leg Room

    Rivian General Discussion Forum
    Based on this photo it seems that the R1S at least will have no shortage of rear leg room.
  6. Windshield wiper fluid dispencer

    Rivian General Discussion Forum
    Hello Everyone! Has anyone noticed where are the windshield wiper fluid dispenser's? I don't see them on hood ?‍♂️?‍♂️. Also, has anyone noticed that there is no place from where we can pour the windshield fluid when the frunk is opened?