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  1. Rivian driving in South America

    Rivian Videos
    Rivian shared this video of the R1T driving in the sand in South America.
  2. Rivian Phone Wallpapers

    Rivian Pictures
    Rivian shared these photos on their Instagram stories today for people to use as phone wallpapers. I screen shotted them in case anyone doesn't see them.
  3. Rivian R1T Off-Road Photos

    Rivian Pictures
    Here are some photos of the R1T going off-road that Rivian shared on Instagram.
  4. Rivian R1T vs. Bollinger B2 Chassis Cab

    Rivian Versus The Competition
    Bollinger announced that they are going to sell a chassis cab version of the B2 that people can use for personal or commercial use. The B2 chassis cab will have full-cab and cutaway-cab versions. If they can make this an affordable and rugged pickup then it could give a Rivian a run for their...
  5. Rivian R1T vs. Atlis XT

    Rivian Versus The Competition
    Atlis Motor Vehicles shared some information on their electric pickup, the XT. According to their Twitter account, the XT will have a 500 mile range, a 0-60 time of 5 seconds, 120 mph top speed, and a 15 minute charge time. Assuming this is true it will have more range than the R1T, it will be...
  6. Rivian Campers and Roof Rack Tents

    Rivian General Discussion Forum
    I've been thinking about getting a camper/tent for my R1T and from the photos I've seen Rivian has used Tepui tents with the R1T. Has anyone used Tepui tents before? Are they worth getting or is there another brand that's better for roof tents? On the flip side of that, what kind of campers do...
  7. Cartoon Rivian R1T & R1S

    Rivian Pictures
    I came across these on Instagram and I think they're really well done. I'm going to use some of them as wallpapers for my phone.
  8. Flat Grey Rivian R1T

    Rivian Pictures
    Is that a flat grey R1T in the background of this photo?
  9. Rivian configurator is coming in Late Summer

    Rivian General Discussion Forum
    A member in one of the Facebook groups apparently reached out to Rivian and asked them about a configurator. They told him that we should expect something coming "late summer". I can't wait for this to come out so we can all spec out trucks out!
  10. Rivian Cup Holders

    Rivian General Discussion Forum
    I was going through photos of the R1S and R1T and one thing that I noticed about the interior is the way Rivian designed the cup holders. I'd rather have a fixed cup holder design rather than ones that pop out. The last thing I want is drinks spilling because the design is flimsy. Also, it seems...
  11. Rivian Sketch Book

    Rivian General Discussion Forum
    Rivian has released this coloring/sketchbook to help us pass the time during the pandemic. You'll be able to color/design your own R1S and R1T. I attached the pdf that you can download.
  12. There are now 7 electric pickups on the way - Here's how the R1T compares to them

    Rivian Versus The Competition
    Business Insider decided to do a comparison of 7 new electric pickup trucks planning to hit the market over the next few years. The contenders are: Rivian R1T Tesla Cybertruck Bollinger B2 Nikola Badger Ford F-150 electric GMC Hummer EV Lordstown Motor Endurance They broke the comparison...
  13. Rivian R1T Torque

    Rivian General Discussion Forum
    When the Rivian R1T was first revealed it was said that it would come with a whopping 10,325 lb-ft torque. Now that would be some groundbreaking stuff but as we've seen from the electric Hummer, those torque numbers can be fudged a little bit. When calculated in the more conventional way, the...
  14. Rivian Voltage System

    Rivian General Discussion Forum
    Do we know how much the voltage system is going to be for the R1T and R1S? are they sticking to the average 400 volt or are they going to go with a larger system to outshine the likes of Tesla? I know Porsche has something like 800 volts for their Taycan sports car.
  15. Is Anyone Cancelling Their Rivian Order?

    Rivian Dealers, Prices And Orders
    I'm curious, has anyone with a Rivian pre-order considered cancelling it given all uncertainty surrounding the Coronavirus? Or are you planning to still going through with it? This may sound like an overreaction since Rivian hasn't started production but this virus is affecting everyone in...
  16. Why are you interested in Rivian?

    Rivian General Discussion Forum
    I was thinking about making this a poll but I'd rather have people fully explain their answers to this question. I'm very interested in hearing all the different reasons people have for being so interested in Rivian. For me it was the styling that got me hooked, I've been a truck fan for a...
  17. Windshield wiper fluid dispencer

    Rivian General Discussion Forum
    Hello Everyone! Has anyone noticed where are the windshield wiper fluid dispenser's? I don't see them on hood ?‍♂️?‍♂️. Also, has anyone noticed that there is no place from where we can pour the windshield fluid when the frunk is opened?