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  1. Rivian General Discussion Forum
    Who's gotten access to the new R1T Shop? I think emails started going out last week to early reservation holders to grab an R1T that's been built or in line to be built and not matched to someone yet. Curious what the experience has been and what the backlog of trucks looks like. Any experiences...
  2. New Member Introductions
    27/M/CA, just reserved an R1T on June 8. Haven't been able to configure yet, but super excited. Anyone have any timeline insights (configuring process, guide matching, delivery prospects etc.) for late birds like me? Thanks! Side note: Any (big, multiple) dog owners planning to haul their pack...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Stoked to receive a Launch Edition Green R1T this week. Any tips and/or recommendations for the following: 1. Paint Protection Film - does Rivian have pre-cut kits available for installers yet? 2. Ceramic tint upgrade for glass roof window and front windshield. What specifically is on the...
  4. Rivian R1T Discussions
    I've looked around with what info is available on the Camp Kitchen. I'm trying to figure out how the kitchen draws power from the R1T. Anyone know? Does it plug into one of the 110V outlets on the Gear Tunnel Shuttle or are there electrical contacts inside the shuttle's T-tracks that the kitchen...
  5. Want to Buy, Sell, Trade
    Will consider any reasonable offer! Full photo album: Rivian Photo Shoot Selling this brand new 2022 Rivian R1T, finished in Launch Green with a Black Mountain interior. This is a rare electric truck that was first released this year. You can preorder one now and wait, or purchase this one...
    $120,000 USD
  6. Rivian General Discussion Forum
    After some major disappointing news we all got from Rivian concerning a price increase (later retracted for my order) and a predicted delivery of second half of 2023, I was ready to cancel my September 2021 order for my R1T adventure package with max pack. I really liked the Launch Green...
  7. Rivian General Discussion Forum
    Hi there, Wondered if any of you can share the odometer mileage when the truck was delivered or when you pick your R1T up? Friend of mine was assigned a VIN, went through the 8 step process - but when she read through the purchase agreement, it showed 100 miles. Is 100 miles a lot or normal...
  8. Rivian Videos
    Hey everyone, I started a YT channel to share videos from off-roading and overlanding with my R1T. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTKUaKnsZrljGgm9a2ES9-g Or you can go to evadventurer.net and it will auto-forward.
  9. F2B59B25-1CB8-457E-9494-15494391EAF9.jpeg

    Off roading Rivian Steamboat peak near Reno, NV
  10. Rivian Pictures
    Hi All! I'm a march 2019 preorder in Raleigh, NC and had my first guide contact on Tuesday. We locked down my configuration and I immediately had a Preliminary buyer's agreement in my email inbox. I signed it and then realized there was no mention of the skid plate. I then reached back out...
  11. Rivian General Discussion Forum
    Hi Everyone, I was at the San Diego Rivian Service Center this morning and they had a Limestone R1T parked outside. It is beautiful in person. Leans toward light blue a bit. Here is a pic and a video walk around Rivian Limestone Video. The lighting was great as you can see the difference in the...
  12. Rivian General Discussion Forum
    To those who have issues with people selling their Rivian, your anger is misguided. You are upset because someone has something you want and you cant have it. Yes that person might be asking an absurd dollar amount for it, but no one is forced to pay that amount. The market will dictate what is...
  13. Rivian General Discussion Forum
    I have a R1T Launch Edition that is ready to be delivered (signing docs ASAP). I'm willing to sell it on delivery, have recently moved and don't have space for a truck. Message me if interested!
  14. Rivian General Discussion Forum
    An Open Letter to RJ and Rivian – As a pre-order holder, we helped Rivian get to where it is today. The collective number of our pre-orders are mentioned on earnings calls, cited for fundraising, and added credibility to the market demand for EV’s and for Rivian’s place in that future. We...
  15. Rivian R1T Discussions
    never mind. Have guide…probably following through.
  16. Rivian R1T Discussions
    Something for those in wintery regions. Rivian R1T Snow Performance: Testing Various Drive Modes
  17. Rivian Pictures
    We worked on a Glacier White R1T this week! I really the way the truck looks in white. A lot more than the launch green. It has a sharper look.
  18. Rivian Pictures
    We got a chance to work on a Rivian R1T this week! Launch Green looks very nice and we noticed the color shifts a bit depending on the lighting you're in.
  19. Rivian R1T Discussions
    Does anyone know whether there will be a winch option or at least have it so that one could be mounted? I saw this article, but I'm not seeing anything it mentioned anywhere on the Rivian website. Rivian Vehicles Will Have The Option Of A Built-In Winch
  20. Rivian General Discussion Forum
    I was watching Doug DeMuro's terrific video about the R1T and I noticed something that looked like USB-C ports when he was showing the emergency flasher button. I tried to search and find out if they are really USB-C ports but I haven't seen anything written about them. Does anyone have more...
1-20 of 45 Results