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  1. Rivian General Discussion Forum
    Hi Everyone. This message is for those of you who have already had their Rivians delivered. I am an Auto Industry Research Analyst and also a Rivian Reservation Holder since 2019 (R1T, El Cap, Large Pack). I’m sure that you are just as interested as I am about the progress that Rivian is making...
  2. Rivian General Discussion Forum
    What are your thoughts if Rivian were to develop a super car in the future? I see the potential and ability but feel like it would go against their marketing strategy of outdoor exploration and adventure.
  3. Rivian General Discussion Forum
    Rivian has been forced to shutdown, like Tesla, Ford, GM and many others. Its going to be a rough year... Rivian Forced To Puts Plans On Hold The EV startup is pausing its production prep work as COVID-19 keeps still more Americans at home. "Electric vehicle startup Rivian is following the...
  4. Rivian General Discussion Forum
    Construction of Rivian's U.S. production facility continues without disruption to meet vehicle delivery deadlines: "Work continues on the Rivian battery plant as the company ramps up to begin building electric vehicles. Workers for River City Construction use man-lifts Tuesday, March 24, 2020...
1-4 of 4 Results