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  1. Rivian General Discussion Forum
    Hey folks I am happy to announce our v2 MagSafe charger for the R1T and R1S. The differences from v1 being: 1. It's now made with our own custom designed MagSafe pucks where both pucks join together with a single cable 2. We now have skins so you can customize the looks It's available right...
  2. Screen ProTech
    Hello everyone! From all of us at Screen ProTech, we want to take some time to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas! We hope you are able to spend time with your families this holiday season! Thank you all for the warm welcome to this Rivian Community! We hope to stay very involved and...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Welcome! Opportunity to connect Rivian owners in and around the Lehigh Valley (Pennsylvania). Leave a message here. R1S Large/Glacier/BlackMTN/22 Chrome Sport
  4. 2020+ Rivian News
    Rivian rolled out the 2022.39.03 software update for the R1T electric pickup and R1S electric SUV. The highlighted feature of this latest update is the “Kneel Mode” which can lower the vehicle by up to 10 inches, making it easier for the driver and passengers to get in and out of the vehicle...
  5. Rivian General Discussion Forum
    Has anyone seen this issue with the navigation on the R1T? The current position of the truck jumps it's current location randomly (mostly when coming to a stop) while navigating or not. After it jumps away from the real location, it will jump back to the current location. If you are navigating...
  6. Rivian General Discussion Forum
    Flatirons Rivian Club is hosting its first meetup on September 17th 10am @ Moe’s Bagel on 1057 Courtesy Rd, Louisville, CO. It’s perfectly located between Denver, Boulder, and Fort Collins. See you there!
  7. 2020+ Rivian News
    Rivian boosts production of electric vehicles in the second quarter by building 4,401 vehicles in the period. This achievement gives electric vehicle makers momentum as they work to address parts and supply chain issues. Rivian produced 4,401 vehicles at its manufacturing facility in Normal...
  8. Rivian General Discussion Forum
    Who's gotten access to the new R1T Shop? I think emails started going out last week to early reservation holders to grab an R1T that's been built or in line to be built and not matched to someone yet. Curious what the experience has been and what the backlog of trucks looks like. Any experiences...
  9. 2020+ Rivian News
    Ford in its first-quarter financial report suffered a loss of $3.1 billion, largely due to a decline in the value of its investment in Rivian. The decline in Rivian’s share price since its IPO in November had a major impact on Ford’s profitability. At the beginning of the year, Rivian’s stock...
  10. Rivian Videos
    I wanted to share my MTN bike experience with the rivian. First, my old mtn bike (stumpjumper) fits in the bed if i take off the front tire. This is the old style smaller wheels (26 inch). My new specialized Levo e-bike has 27,5 wheels and I opted for a tailgate pad. Here is a cideo of the...
  11. F2B59B25-1CB8-457E-9494-15494391EAF9.jpeg

    Off roading Rivian Steamboat peak near Reno, NV
  12. Rivian General Discussion Forum
    Hi Everyone, I was at the San Diego Rivian Service Center this morning and they had a Limestone R1T parked outside. It is beautiful in person. Leans toward light blue a bit. Here is a pic and a video walk around Rivian Limestone Video. The lighting was great as you can see the difference in the...
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  14. Rivian General Discussion Forum
    An Open Letter to RJ and Rivian – As a pre-order holder, we helped Rivian get to where it is today. The collective number of our pre-orders are mentioned on earnings calls, cited for fundraising, and added credibility to the market demand for EV’s and for Rivian’s place in that future. We...
  15. Rivian Automotive (RIVN) Stock Forum & Discussion
    Everybody check your email ;)
  16. Rivian General Discussion Forum
    A bit of fun here too. Most people seem to associate the name with butt, like bunk or brunk. What's your take?
  17. Rivian General Discussion Forum
    I posted it on the FB group but the admin recommended putting it here too. Even I got emotional listening to this:
  18. Rivian General Discussion Forum
    So I happened to park next to a Rivian at a charging station in Michigan. As both a truck guy and an electric car driver I was curious... but I was mostly curious about what the undercarriage looked like. Could it hold weight? Would it protect the battery in an off-road situation? Well, let's...
  19. Interior
    As a follow up to my previous post about the 3 wood trim colors, here is a Photoshop view of what the Ocean Coast interior package would look like if you could choose any of the three wood colors. Which is your favorite? Ocean Coast with Ocean Coast wood: Ocean Coast with Forest Edge wood...
  20. New Member Introductions
    Hey All! I placed my ore order for the R1T a couple weeks ago but missed being accepted into the launch window. Why? Because I hadn’t heard of Rivian til a couple weeks ago after placing a order for the Model Y and went to IMMEDIATELY place order on R1T. My question to you: is anyone in the...
1-20 of 63 Results