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  1. Rivian Automotive (RIVN) Stock Forum & Discussion
    Everybody check your email ;)
  2. Rivian General Discussion Forum
    A bit of fun here too. Most people seem to associate the name with butt, like bunk or brunk. What's your take?
  3. Rivian General Discussion Forum
    I posted it on the FB group but the admin recommended putting it here too. Even I got emotional listening to this:
  4. Rivian General Discussion Forum
    So I happened to park next to a Rivian at a charging station in Michigan. As both a truck guy and an electric car driver I was curious... but I was mostly curious about what the undercarriage looked like. Could it hold weight? Would it protect the battery in an off-road situation? Well, let's...
  5. Interior
    As a follow up to my previous post about the 3 wood trim colors, here is a Photoshop view of what the Ocean Coast interior package would look like if you could choose any of the three wood colors. Which is your favorite? Ocean Coast with Ocean Coast wood: Ocean Coast with Forest Edge wood...
  6. New Member Introductions
    Hey All! I placed my ore order for the R1T a couple weeks ago but missed being accepted into the launch window. Why? Because I hadn’t heard of Rivian til a couple weeks ago after placing a order for the Model Y and went to IMMEDIATELY place order on R1T. My question to you: is anyone in the...
  7. Range and Charging Discussion
    Has there been a final decision on which side of the vehicle the charge port is located on the R1S? I am planning a new garage layout and I have to inform the electrician of the location of my Level 2 charger.
  8. Rivian General Discussion Forum
    We have a little bit of information about when Rivian will start offering test drives to people. Someone reached out to Rivian and they hold him that they will reveal the details of their test drive program "closer to the start of production." So that means we'll likely hear something in early...
  9. Rivian General Discussion Forum
    Does anyone know where the front license plates are going to be located on Rivians? Where I'm from in Canada license plates are required on the front and back of a car. Are there any photos of one with license plates on? I'm interested to see what it looks like. It's a shame because the front...
  10. Towing and Trailers
    I need some clarification on this because I've heard different answers from different people/sources. Can you flat tow a Rivian or EVs in general? Or do they need to be on a trailer? I've seen articles that say that give a hard no on being able to flat tow EVs because it can do a lot of damage...
  11. Rivian General Discussion Forum
    I was scrolling through the Rivian website and I found their explanation for what their logo means. Aside from how simple and clean the logo looks it has some cool meaning behind it. For Rivian, their logo, a compass, means: The compass changed the way the world traveled. It fostered...
  12. Rivian General Discussion Forum
    I've been trying to find information on the R1S and R1T will use regenerative braking but I haven't found much aside from the fact that they will have regen braking. Based on some of the other EVs that are on the market, there's a couple of ways that Rivian can approach regen braking. Rivian...
  13. Rivian Videos
    Rivian shared this video of the R1T driving in the sand in South America.
  14. Rivian General Discussion Forum
    This is a very small thing, but if Rivian wants to appeal to luxury SUV buyers, I think they need to take a page from luxury brands like Cadillac and Rolls-Royce and hide the rear wiper. It gives a more refined finish and make the back end more appealing.
  15. Rivian Pictures
    Rivian shared these photos on their Instagram stories today for people to use as phone wallpapers. I screen shotted them in case anyone doesn't see them.
  16. Rivian Pictures
    Here are some photos of the R1T going off-road that Rivian shared on Instagram.
  17. Rivian Pictures
    I'm not sure how practical this would be, but this is a unique rendering for a Rivian steering wheel. I really like the two-tone color scheme.
  18. Rivian Jobs
    If anyone is looking to apply for a job at Rivian, be sure to check out their reviews on Glassdoor. They have 107 reviews and have a score of 4.1/5. 78% recommend the company for a friend and 88% approve of the CEO...
  19. Rivian Versus The Competition
    Bollinger announced that they are going to sell a chassis cab version of the B2 that people can use for personal or commercial use. The B2 chassis cab will have full-cab and cutaway-cab versions. If they can make this an affordable and rugged pickup then it could give a Rivian a run for their...
  20. Rivian General Discussion Forum
    According to WGLT in Illinois, Rivian is going to start bringing in workers to the plant in Normal starting on Monday. The one thing though, is the article isn't clear if that is today (May 4) or next Monday (May 11) Workers Return To Plant Rivian’s Normal plant has largely been shut down...
1-20 of 49 Results