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Colorado 3rd gen resident reporting on a really great truck (test drove with friend a couple weeks ago… today, I rode-along at an impressive open house in Denver. I currently drive a Ford F-150 Supercrew, so I’ll compare it to that:
— Very smooth, comfortable, silent cabin with amazing 19 speaker stereo, excellent steering, excellent pedal brake (in addition, the regeneration braking on normal mode is so strong (on top of the truck GVWR at 8300+lbs) that it stops the truck completely when traveling on a flat road at up to 35mph, yes all brake lights do illuminate during regeneration braking. At a stop sign, the driver did not have her foot on the brake nor on the acceleration pedal, just to demonstrate briefly that the regeneration braking recharge is strong. Obviously she recommends always having your foot on the brake pedal at a stop in case someone rear-ends you… I am not accustomed to this regeneration slowing, although muscle memory will probably have it down in a couple months…having personally had no electric vehicle. Basically means in the city you hardly ever use pedal braking…and you get a bit of re-charge, and it takes getting used to though bc as soon as you barely let off the acceleration, truck slows immediately with a slight jolt).
—in previous test drive… Acceleration is obviously incredible, smooth and silent, took it up to 65mph before I could even notice (eyes on road not speedometer) I was already at that speed!!! Honestly I had no reason to ever gun it like that anyway…
—Interior room is very ample—I’m 6’2”. No issues at all and front seats can reverse way farther than necessary.
—back three seats noticeably narrower than F-150, less leg room too, which I expected though (I mean, no gear tunnel in F-150 lightning either!)
—Gear tunnel is surprisingly huge. I could comfortably lay in there although not sure why I would— but I can fit my family’s 4 snowboards in there. Access panel from middle of back seats is about a 12” x 10” rectangle. A big Dog could hang out easily in gear tunnel with head resting in back seats!
—head clearance inside front & rear seating is incredible; easily 5 inches above my head. Nice glass roof, tint was medium dark, almost not noticeable, no solar rays entered/no glare.
—Tonneau covers have no issues lately —recommendation from detailing guys today was to brush any larger sand or debris off when needed before opening-retraction.
—towing—plastic panel at back pops off to access 2” receiver
—Driver today reported—during winter she’s gone repeatedly up to Breckenridge and Frisco and back, full charge, arrives home in Denver with 109 miles of charge remaining. Regeneration coming down I-70 seems to add about 40miles. Reports about 293 miles average range with 20” off-road tires.
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