Rivian just announced Forever, a philanthropic mission focused on high impact climate initiatives:

Over the past century, humanity has built a massive industrial complex that is rapidly changing the composition of our atmosphere while simultaneously destroying the interlinked natural ecosystems critical for life on the planet. Our current way of life has been enabled by hundreds of millions of years of accumulated plant- and animal-based carbon in the form of fossil fuels. On our current path, we will fully exhaust this stored energy in only a few more generations and, in the process, carbonize our atmosphere and damage natural ecosystems to such a degree that life as we know it will not be possible.

If our planet is to continue to sustain life and enchant future generations, we must change.

To build the kind of future our kids and our kids’ kids deserve, extraordinary steps must be taken to stop the carbonization of our atmosphere and preserve our natural ecosystems. This requires individuals and entire industries to come together in ways we never have before to transition the world toward sustainable energy.

To extend our impact beyond the products we make and the associated competition they hopefully inspire, we are establishing Forever. Its philanthropic mission is dedicated to addressing our planet’s climate crisis and preserving the critical biodiversity needed for our planet’s long-term survival. We are putting 1% of Rivian’s equity into Forever, providing it with a substantial and growing financial platform to focus on high impact climate initiatives with an emphasis on preserving and restoring wildlands, waterways and oceans. These natural landscapes and seascapes are powerful carbon sinks that pull carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, storing carbon in soil, grasses, trees, shrubs, coral reefs and ocean floor sediments. By putting 1% of Rivian’s equity into Forever, the natural world will become a shareholder in our success. As our company’s value grows by transitioning our customers to sustainable transportation solutions, so will the value of our impact and philanthropic giving, creating a virtuous cycle of impact.

Also critical to preserving the natural world is using sustainability and efficient consumption to reduce our need to use the planet’s land and resources – on our current path, we will need multiple planets to support our ongoing global needs. With this, Forever will also include sustainable consumption initiatives and educational stewardship to help communities understand, appreciate and learn how to preserve our planet’s natural resources for future generations.

We will engage our employees, community members and like-minded partners as a way to maximize our collective impact. Our employees will have the opportunity to participate in community projects that improve the natural world and contribute to the mission of Forever. Just as we strive to make the outdoors accessible to all, we need to involve as much of the world as possible in the transition to a sustainable future. This is a critical moment where we must come together for the next generation. That is what we are trying to inspire — to keep the world adventurous forever.