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I meant to post this update Friday, but actually waiting worked out, since I used it pretty heavily over the weekend, and so have more information to relay.

For those if you that didn’t see my first post, link is here.

So, 1,000 mile update.

I was pretty detailed in my last post, going through my impressions of each system, how they operated, what what good, and what needed improvement. Some of the items I’ve figured out, some remain issues or need to be updated, and there are some things I’ve added.

I’ll start with the good.

General ownership/use.

Having never owned or even driven an Electric car, I went into the purchase with zero expectations. I’m not a fanboy; I’m a car guy, so my impressions are potentially different than others.

I wasn’t sold on the practicality of using and electric truck as my daily driver/farm truck. After averaging 100 miles/day (more on some days than others) I can tell you that I’m a believer. The truck is practical, durable, and capable of doing everything I need. From just getting from around to hauling lumber/hay/motorcycles/dogs/kids, etc, it works.

Like many others, the truck makes this hillbilly feel like a celebrity. Everyone stops me, asks questions, takes pictures, etc. Interestingly, though not surprising, other EV owners are surprised at the specs (if they’d not yet heard about it). The range especially surprises people, as does it’s towing/payload.

in my previous post I mentioned that the Driver+ Features needed some work. After some use, I figured out that setting the auto cruise at normal spacing (DC area normal) minimizes the jerkiness of the system. It also seems to “learn,” although that may be my imagination. Regardless, the more I use it, the better it gets.


The day after I took delivery of mine, I got a fault notification on the dash.
“Service Suspension Soon”

Seemed ominious.

At the time, I was driving in DC, which is a mess of potholes, protesters, and tourists, so the ride is bumpy anyway. I didn’t really notice any marked difference in the ride as compared to my Tundra’s, so I ignored it until I spoke with service.

Long story short, nothing has changed. Light is still on, but I have spoken with Rivian Service several times, and while I did to pester them a little the first few days, they’ve been very good about reaching out to me to find a solution.

After a week of them doing OTA diagnostics, I got a call from them. Guy on the phone was super nice and very knowledgeable (all of them have to spend time working in the factory), and told me he wanted to come get the truck to have the service techs inspect it. The problem was, they wanted to pick it up yesterday (sunday 4/10) take it to Richmond (2 hours away) and return it to me a few days later. I asked if the mobile techs could handle it, and he said maybe, but they really wanted to make it right, and they had availability in the service center. So, points to Rivian Service for follow up, and for their willingness to find a solutions.

I asked about the DC service center, and was told that it wasn’t “quite ready,” so, I told them I’d wait. The fault essentially keeps the suspension in Stiff, which doesn’t really bother me, and hasn’t gotten worse. Probably stupid on my part, but I’m like a kid with a new toy. So, I told them to let me know when the DC service center was up and running and I’d come in at that point.

More points to Rivian Service tho, as they’ve called me twice since then, trying to find a mobile tech to come out and look at the truck, which is great. In the end, if they need to take it, I’ll let them, but after only a few days with it, I didn’t want to give it up.

Minor issues requiring attention/updates.

These are mostly little things that will likely be addressed by the time most of you receive yours, but worth mentioning.

The plastic trim around the bottom of the seats is seamed right at the point where, when exiting the vehicle, you place most of your ass. This causes the trim to gap. It’s not a big deal, but something that will likely get worse until it’s addressed.
Car Vehicle Automotive design Automotive lighting Motor vehicle


For the most part, they’re great. The Gear Guard recording system gets EVERYTHING. Thankfully, there’s a “Delete All” option. I love my dogs, but I don’t need 30 videos of them taking a dump.

The problem is that, while there are cameras everywhere, you can’t select all of them in the Camera view.

For example, you can access the tailgate and the front camera in the grill, but not the one mounted above the rear window and looks into the bed. This is an oversight, IMO. I have a farm, and so put shit in the bed all the time. Because the rear window is high, you can’t see the bed at all in the mirror, so monitoring your load - especially with the tailgate down - is impossible. Having the option to view the top camera while driving to monitor the load would be great. This seems like an easy update.

Suspension settings

I don’t like not being able to keep in in HIGH mode when driving around town. I know it affects the range, but some days I’m just beating around the city or in Annapolis, and I like sitting up higher and having the ground clearance (see: potholes & protestors).


Likely in the works but not ready for prime time is greater smartphone integration. Not being able to utilize the giant screen while parked is annoying, and having to use your phone to change the music or use a different service is a pain. Bluetooth is fine, but not without its glitches.

The funniest thing is that there’s no garage door opener! I told my rep using my 90’s garage door clicker was like needing a timex on the space shuttle. A bit anachronistic. She laughed and told me it’s part of the next update.

If they have a Beta Testing option for owners, I think that would help a lot.


This was a big concern, but after living with it, I’ve realized it not an issue. I drive as much as necessary, and just charge it at night. I just got the wall charger in the mail, but haven’t yet installed it. To this point, I’ve been charging at 34 amps with the portable charger, which adds about 12-15 miles/hour of charge. It’s fine for overnight.

Interestingly, I always beat the range estimate. So, I’ll start with 292 (it doesn’t go higher) drive 100 miles, and have 223 miles left. Yesterday I went 10 miles, and the range didn’t change from 292 (in Conserve mode).

The NFC key fob doesn’t really work. I may just have to delete/re install it, but the phone key works great.

The doors need to be basically slammed to shut them. The cabin is airtight, so pressure keeps them from closing with the usual force. Adding a feature that lowers the windows slightly (ala BMW) when the doors are ajar would mitigate this.

The hood doesn’t have a catch, so it judders a little at speed. I don’t think it’s going to fly up, and I’ve learned to ignore it, but I thought I’d mention it.

The tailgate flap bangs around a bit as well. You don’t hear it with the windows up, it I’ll bet with them down and the tonneau cover open, you’d hear it.

I’ll add to this over the course of today as I recall other things. Random Pics attached for fun.

long press on R/L steering wheel buttons on L side gives you 3 additional data screens.

Vehicle Motor vehicle Communication Device Sky Gadget

Tire presssure
Communication Device Gadget Portable communications device Automotive exterior Output device

Communication Device Gadget Automotive exterior Bumper Motor vehicle

Wall charger specs
Networking cables Audio equipment Font Material property Automotive design
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Did you really say that they have a service center open in Richmond VA? If it is true you made my day!😁 @Bernefj60

I live in Richmond and just assumed they would be taking it to DC whenever it needed service. My delivery window is also May/June so now I'm also more confident they will deliver it!

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great post….I’m down the street in Crofton - hope I get to see your truck on the road! …..and hoping mine isn’t far behind!

Any recommendations on contractor for installing charger? Cost?
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