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17 days parked in garage and vampire drain

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Wheel Tire Land vehicle Car Vehicle

Wheel Tire Land vehicle Car Vehicle

It went from 81% to 55% in 17 days after I got back from out of country vacation. Outdoor temperature average was mainly in 50F ~ 75F range with Gear Guard was on, but it didn’t trigger any motion sensed video recording. I just learned I can geofenced Gear Guard to default off at home. What else can I do to improve and lessen the drainage situation?

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Are you averse to leaving the charger plugged in? Even the dinky mobile charger on 120 volts would have maintained it over that period.
I would like to see Rivian allow you to set charge limit to any number. I typically will charge my Tesla to 75% and set the charge limit to 50%, then plug it in if I am leaving it for an extended period. Not sure how I would do the Rivian right now only able to set at 70% at the lowest limit.
It's a little "fiddly" but you can monitor it, turn it off at whatever level you like, then "check back in" periodically and re-start it when it gets below your desired target.
I think the point of the OP is that there really is excessive energy consumption. Other EVs don't leak as much as this. I love my R1T but this is a big black eye IMO.
I don't know what the point of the OP is. Do you? Is the "point" to bitch about it or find a solution or workaround? If he is worried about "fire hazard", that's one thing. If he wants to maintain a minimum level of charge, he can control that remotely and only turn it on when it gets to the point he's worried about it.
Well, I’m only less than a month into ownership of this EV. R1S is amazing, loaded with tons of features. Yes, it is a point I brought up to to see if this is normalcy or something I should be concerned about of battery management system. At home, I always take turn plug in for different EV. I don’t bother DCFC stations unless it’s for road trip.
Tesla2.0...I wasn't directing my last comment at your post (or at you). You asked a legitimate question and got some answers.

I have grown weary of people who excoriate anyone who provides an answer for any concern or a solution to work around a deficiency (particularly when there's any indication that it might be a common event)...which can be reassuring to someone who might be wondering "am I the only one?

His post was nothing more than yet another gripe from the "anvil chorus" that contributes nothing.
"Rivian has a severe problem with Vampire drain that they need to address."

Absolutely the OP has a valid question, and he got some legitimate answers to his question, but the one that I took issue with wasn't one of them.
This is not the "first report" of vampire drain, and he got answers specific to his problem. 17 days at an airport wasn't his problem, if it's yours, I have a simple solution to that too...take an Uber.
Anybody who tied up an L2 charger at an airport for 17 days would (hopefully) return to find that his vehicle had been moved to an impound lot.
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