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17 days parked in garage and vampire drain

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Wheel Tire Land vehicle Car Vehicle

Wheel Tire Land vehicle Car Vehicle

It went from 81% to 55% in 17 days after I got back from out of country vacation. Outdoor temperature average was mainly in 50F ~ 75F range with Gear Guard was on, but it didn’t trigger any motion sensed video recording. I just learned I can geofenced Gear Guard to default off at home. What else can I do to improve and lessen the drainage situation?

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Maybe I'm missing the "severity" of this problem. I have not experienced the kind of drain posted here. But even so, 80 miles lost in 17 days is not really a huge issue in most peoples lives. When I say most people, I mean pretty much everybody. I can't see that many times that you would leave your car unplugged for 17 days. 80 miles lost can be recovered in 3 hours of charging at a cost of about $2 here in Georgia. Are there many practical, real world workarounds to this problem? Yes. Is it a problem? Maybe. Is it severe? No, not in my world.

Also, I left my Tesla unplugged at an airport for 5 days and it lost about 50 miles of charge. I did have the sentry mode on and it was parked near a walkway. FWIW.
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