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17 days parked in garage and vampire drain

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Wheel Tire Land vehicle Car Vehicle

Wheel Tire Land vehicle Car Vehicle

It went from 81% to 55% in 17 days after I got back from out of country vacation. Outdoor temperature average was mainly in 50F ~ 75F range with Gear Guard was on, but it didn’t trigger any motion sensed video recording. I just learned I can geofenced Gear Guard to default off at home. What else can I do to improve and lessen the drainage situation?

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Tesla2.0...I wasn't directing my last comment at your post (or at you). You asked a legitimate question and got some answers.

I have grown weary of people who excoriate anyone who provides an answer for any concern or a solution to work around a deficiency (particularly when there's any indication that it might be a common event)...which can be reassuring to someone who might be wondering "am I the only one?

His post was nothing more than yet another gripe from the "anvil chorus" that contributes nothing.
So the OP‘s question was super valid for anyone owning a Rivian. He showed extremely heavy ‘Vampire drain’ over 17 days when the R1S was not plugged in, in a sealed garage between 50dF-75dF iirc.

What would you expected that Vampire drain to be when parked at the airport for 17 days in 32dF weather? How many L2 chargers do you have at your local airport? A pathetic few, I’m sure.

Rivian has a severe problem with Vampire drain that they need to address.
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+/- 2% per day drain is not excessive depending on OP's "app discipline" and whether gear guard was on (regardless of whether motion was detected.....just leaving it on keeps the vehicle "awake" which burns energy. Even a Tesla (which is probably the gold standard of efficiency and battery management will burn about 7% per day with Sentry Mode on (also regardless of whether it senses or records anything).
I left my etron unplugged in my garage with a SoC of around 90% when I left for the UK for 22 days. I did check the Audi app probably 5-6 times whilst away. When I returned it had 88% SOC remaining. I’ve also left it parked unplugged at the airport in Spring weather for 16 days, and experienced again, a 2% loss in SOC. I would have no issue leaving it unplugged for 2 months as long as I had >50% SOC to begin with. I won’t do that with a Rivian currently, although some vehicles seem to be more afflicted with VD than others.
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