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First and Foremost, I love the truck. I have seen it a few times, driven it in the First Mile offer, and love seeing them on the road with increasing frequency both in Florida and California.

Secondly, I am happy for ANYONE that has received their truck - yes, even those that have waited only a few months or even less. It's not your responsibility to ensure the integrity of the waitlist and order system, that is all on Rivian. If you were able to find a spec on R1T shop, or paid a extra with the "updated pricing" or maybe even paid a premium to get yours, congrats. To each their own and I am happy for you. Seeing the trucks roll around gives me a sense of joy and community not jealousy or anger.

Now, if I may express my situation nonetheless, because Rivian has ZERO interest in solving it, or even calling me.

Preorder placed 12/24/2018 - yes you read that correctly
Configuration placed 11/16/2020

Since that time I have changed exterior colors THREE times (Launch Green to Blue to Limestone to ANY OF THE 3). None of these were me being wish washy I was told that certain colors would help get delivery.

Since that time I have changed interior colors THREE times (Ocean Coast to Forest Edge to Black to ANY OF THE 3). None of these were me being wishy washy I was told that certain colors would help get delivery.

Since that time I have changed location of delivery as well from Florida to San Diego, again as they told me delivery would be swifter.

No Truck
No 8 steps

Guide barely acknowledges me, and when he finally calls back all you get is the Rivian Empathy Playbook - they apologize profusely, allow you to vent, say it is ALL THEIR FAULT, and promise to get back to you right away . . . then weeks go by and you get a rinse and repeat of the playbook.

I was told that it would be March if I changed to Blue, then April if I changed to Limestone, then May if I went back to Launch Green, then June if I accepted black interior, now they were saying July - until I finally lost it and said enough was enough . . . only then did the guide meekly admit the computer now shows "SEPT/OCT" delivery.

Is that not when the Ocean Coasts are to be delivered? So now should I switch back to that interior - more value in getting a 2023 model with the "rare" interior then accept delivery @ thanksgiving on a 2022 left over . . . or maybe just better to cancel the order and walk into a service center and place an order with a premium price - let's face it THAT IS THE ONLY WAY YOU GET A CALL BACK FROM RIVIAN. Friends have done it, they get great communication, and an A+ delivery experience . . . Hmmmm.

Rivian - Sweet as cotton candy employees, with zero true ability to solve a situation whatsoever. All EMPATHY no SUBSTANCE to the words. They are given zero power other that feigning "escalation" - this is all by design - focus on Customer Service the heck with Customer Satisfaction. Tick the boxes, forget delivering a product or solving an issue - stock prices rise and profits sore without products or solutions, just "buzz" and "hype" and empty stats of deliveries of investor calls.

Is anybody else in this purgatory of being given the cold shoulder / overt lies / runaround?

Time for a concerted group letter because all we get individually is "I understand you frustration but I am unable to assist with getting this resolved. I have escalated this situation to the extent I am able to and would recommend continuing to try working through your guide and continue to ask for a manager to assist"


Let's get a group response from Launch Edition reservations from 2020 or sooner. Apologies are not enough. What is the concession you shall be giving us?
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