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2020 Rivian R1T/R1S All-Wheel Drive System

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When it comes down to what the key to Rivian’s success will be with the R1S and the R1T, it will definitely be the all-wheel drive system. After all, what's an adventure vehicle without a capable all-wheel drive system?

Both vehicles come with a 4 motor electric all-wheel drive system, which Rivian says allows it to deliver “active torque vectoring” to maximize performance. Which means that power can be evenly distributed to each wheel at all times to prevent you from getting stuck.

The all-wheel drive system, combined with Rivian’s low center of gravity from their skateboard platform means on paper their vehicles should be able to handle all types of terrains and conditions.

For example, the R1S and R1T are claimed to be able to ascend or descend down a 45 degree angle or go water fording through 1 meter of water.

We haven’t seen the R1S or R1T officially tested yet off road but I hope they don’t disappoint in the elements. What are your expectations for the all-wheel drive system?
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The quad-motor system will be full-time all-wheel drive.

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