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Rivian Automotive has outlined some unbelievable specs for their upcoming electric pickup and SUV. Mind you we don’t know if all these figures on paper will translate to real-world numbers, they compete directly with any leading gas powered truck that’s currently on the market.

Alike most automakers, Rivian will be using a ‘skateboard’ platform for their EV’s, keeping the entire battery pack and electric motors in a low-centralized position. 4 small but powerful electrical motors are placed at each wheel and output can be configured differently depending on a given battery pack.

There will be three different battery backs to choose from, with the largest being the highest capacity we have ever seen from a passenger electric vehicle. 105 kWh, 135 kWh, and 180 kWh packs will be the basis of the powertrain and with each comes more uninhibited electric motoring.

Rivian says that this will translate roughly to 230+ miles, 300+ miles and 400+ miles on a full charge. If they can deliver on this electric range, it eclipses anything we’ve seen from Tesla or any EV for that matter. It’s important to mention that these numbers will be impacted by driving style, terrain, weather conditions and your use of HVAC.

Even if numbers for the R1T ending up being slightly lower in the production model, Rivian is going to set new benchmarks for the segment, and force competitors to up their game. I think we can all agree that the days of range anxiety are behind us, and companies like Rivian are a testament to how much further this technology can be pushed.
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