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2022 Rivian R1T Payload

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Practicality has remained a paramount focus for Rivian’s engineering team and they have ensured that the R1T can deliver on the capability that consumers have come to expect from a production pickup. Due to the nature of its electric platform, they have been able to add storage in areas that are unavailable to gas-powered models.

Regardless of the battery pack that you choose, the R1T’s capacity remains the same. Every variant of the R1T has a claimed maximum payload of 1764 pounds. For comparison's sake, this matches the payload offered by Fords brand new Ranger.

What might be more impressive is the R1T’s towing capacity. Rivian says it’s able to tow upwards of 11,000 pounds, which is only a few thousand less than what you’d get in a full-size F150. Depending on what you aim to tow, expect there to be a drop in your overall range.

The R1T will be the first pickup to offer a frunk, which provides 12 cubic feet of storage under the hood, where an engine would normally be. The hood is powered allowing hands-free access and is lockable. Behind the cabin is another storage compartment that the company is calling a gear tunnel. This adds another 12 cubic feet of storage and extends from one side of the truck to the other, accommodating larger items like golf clubs, skis, and other equipment. A neat aspect to this tunnel is the doors can serve as side steps for easier access to the bed or roof rack. More storage sits in a watertight compartment beneath the bed, bringing an additional 7 cubic feet of space.

With plenty of storage for all your gear, great payload capacity and incredible towing capability, the R1T may just be the most utilitarian EV that’s ever been produced.
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I wonder if Rivian has gone a bit too high tech with the bed, as both the tailgate and tonneau cover are powered. Since the truck has an air suspension it looks like there is also a quick connect to the compressor in the bed as well. The frunk is a lot larger than I thought it would be.
Coming from owning a RAM 1500 this sure makes ramboxes seem useless.
Frunk storage as explained here makes more sense for quick access of commonly used stuff.
Additional storage like the gear tunnel is such a smart way to capitalize on the simplicity of electric platforms. They really have put utility first on this truck and its clearly been designed that way from the ground up.
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I don't think Rivian had a choice. It was really to push their competitive edge and to stick with the times. Other automakers offer a similar storage configuration. Not offering it would be straight up sabotage of their own product.
According to Rivian tailgate of r1t can hold 1000 pounds .
So loading an average atv or 3 dirt bikes should be a piece of cake .
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