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Ok guys, I just completed a 240mi trip today with my R1T and a 7x14 dump trailer.

First leg was empty with just the trailer weight at 4,300 lbs. Picked up my load which was 1.5 pallets of sod. I’m guessing on the weight of the sod but I think it added 4,500 lbs.

I had charged to 100% last night and used 80% of the battery getting to the farm and then to a charger in town which was 5 miles away. There I charged for 1.5 hrs at 50kw. Left with 200 miles range in All-Purpose for the 109 mile trip back. Logic told me I should probably charge to 100%, but I was anxious to get moving and that was the fastest charger I could get to along my route.

I had to make a pit stop at Home Depot on the way back, about 40 miles from my destination and decided I probably wasn’t going to make it back to my job site on that charge. The local Chevy dealer had the fastest charger in town at a whopping 20kW so I went there and had to disconnect the trailer to get into their spot and not block the service exit. Charged for 30 minutes and hit the road with “just enough juice to get there”.

Ultimately made it to my job site to unload and install the sod, but still had to make the 13 mile trip home, thankfully without the trailer. I’d say I cut this trip a little close and could have saved myself some anxiety by fully charging at my first stop. Needless to say I rolled into the garage at 0 miles, 0%. 😂

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