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At one time I heard the rumor that Rivian was considering a plug-in system for a portable power bank. Has anyone heard the same and/or have any info?
They have talked about it, in the past. No announcements of actual products that they plan to bring to market at any particular point in time, however.

The problem is weight.

There is one company I'm aware of that offers portable charging packs -- Spark Charge. Their smallest package is 7kWh and weighs approximately 150 lbs. On a Rivian that would provide an estimated range of about 14 miles -- not a lot. They have a 14kWh package that weighs 250 lbs and provides approximately 28 miles of range -- still not a lot.

The fact is these portable packs are really only useful as an emergency service in populated areas to get you to a DCFC or Level 2 charger as an alternative to towing. These are not equivalent to a "jerry can" for adventurers.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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