The McLean County Museum of History held a Zoom Lunch and Learn with Laura Ewan, Community Relations Coordinator at Rivian.

I was listening in and while there wasn't any ground breaking information they revealed (it was mostly introductory information for anyone that wasn't familiar with Rivian), there were a couple of things I did find interesting during the information session and Q&A.

1. There will be guided tours of the Rivian factory.

Laura confirmed that the plan is for Rivian to eventually have tours of the factory for customers and non customers. She said they could start later this year or in 2022.

2. The state stickers on the back of prototypes are part of a Rivian naming system

As we've seen in photos of R1T and R1S prototypes, some have a sticker of a state on their rear window. Laura did confirm that those stickers are used by Rivian as part of a naming process for their test vehicles. But they use the state capitals to name the vehicles and not the state itself.

3. The original R1T prototype is called Avocado

When talking about Rivian's naming process Laura mentioned that they originally used vegetables to name the original R1T prototypes. She then said that the first R1T prototype they made was nicknamed Avocado.

4. Rivian has hired 1,000 employees since December

When asked about the amount of people working at Rivian's facility in Normal, Laura mentioned that there are about 1,600 people currently working for the company in Normal and that 1,000 of them have been hired since December. She also explained that they plan to have somewhere around 3,000-4,000 employees within the next 1-2 years.

5. Rivian Factory before and after photos

Laura show some before photos of Rivian's plant when they bought it from Mitsubishi and after photos of what it's turning into and the change is remarkable when you see them side by side.