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I'd like to start off by saying that prior to owning our Rivian R1T, we had a Tesla Model X for 4 years so aren't newbies to the EV experience. So imagine my concern and frustration when I go that call from my wife at 6:00pm last night saying: "I'm on the Long Island Expressway, I'm down to 10 miles of range and I'm 45 minutes from home in bumper to bumper traffic." NY temperatures were plunging and we had the remnants of a recent storm. Plus our 60lb. dog and assorted packages were also in the car.

I contacted Rivian Roadside Assistance and got Dominic A on the phone. What a fortuitous turn of events. He calmed me down, made sure everyone was safe and took control of the situation. We were dealing with all sorts of unknowns, how far was the tow-truck. Should we tow it to a Charging Station or to the Brooklyn Service Center? The Service Center was closed, but we could leave the Truck there and they may have available chargers. I didn't know that once the truck goes completely dead, there's only a certain amount of time to be able to re-charge it or else the batteries are fried and need to be replaced. The only option was to send the wife and dog home in an Uber and tow the truck to the Rivian Service Center and deal with it after the holiday.

But then Dominic explained the situation to the tow company. Incredibly , they agreed to take my wife and the car (with packages and dog) to the Brooklyn Service Center. The miracle was that there were actually 2 people in the Service Center when they arrived who brought the car in. They diagnosed that it needed 2 batteries to be changed out...and they have the batteries in stock, and yes, they will install them while she waits in the lounge! Plus there would be no charge since Rivian takes care of the first incident (or in my case the last incident ever!). They changed the batteries, Fast charged 80 miles and sent her on her way!

Hats off to Dominic (and the whole Rivian team behind him), they worked feverishly to improve the experience against all odds. What struck me as most touching, was that Dominic wasn't only in contact regularly throughout last night's episode, but he actually called me earlier today to make sure everyone got home safe!

Oh...and I'm loving my RiT!
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