Join us and enter the following details about your delivered Rivian R1S:

Step 1
: Complete Short Form Here
Step 2: Confirm entry in this discussion thread
Step 3: View Results

Share the delivery tracker so we can add more entries. In the future, this thread will be updated with interesting statistics based on the entries.

A few reasons to join the effort:
  • To track any issues from particular build dates, it may be useful to gather these numbers and compare if/when any issues arise.
  • Confirming the locations of the delivered orders will help facilitate regional groups and events
  • Comparing the configurations of delivered vehicles as time goes on vs. the configurations of orders by early adopters
  • Community. After waiting so long for the Rivian R1S, it is great to see them finally delivered!
If you need to edit your response, go back to the submission form while signed in to the same email account used to enter your info. It should give you the option to edit your response, if not feel free to enter an entirely new one or private message me.