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I measured how comfortable I was with a 12mm spacer for purposes of testing how close the factory 275/65/20 tire moved to the fender lining. Results below:
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Based on the spacer test fit, I'm looking at a getting a custom forged wheel set: 20x90+43 which is pushes the entire wheel/tire assembly 11mm outward (almost identical to above). Any more aggressive like a 20mm...I would be afraid munching my fender while driving.
Is that a NISMO GT-R?

@gemmisa nice work! Do you think you can increase offset and run larger tires (285s or 295s) as well? And nice GTR (with te37s?).
Welcome to the forum! What sort of fitment are you going to after with your Rivian?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts