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Rivian R1T (Adventure - CR, BM, 21", Ordered 10/5/2021, Delivered 6/24/2022), Suburban 2500, VW ID.4
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I definitely like the look of the OE wheels more. Also, the tires you have there aren't the same tires you get from Rivian. That's the right size, but they are LT Load Range E tires, and the Rivian tires are only XL tires, so they are lighter.

I think the price for the 20" upgrade isn't bad, especially because I would want a full size spare as well. It is only $2000 more than getting the 21s with full size spare. I thought about ordering with 21s and selling them after getting aftermarket 20s. I think you would end up with the same cost as getting them with the truck, but I like the OE wheels more than aftermarket options I have found. I am considering getting them powder coated though.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts