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Aftermarket Wheel Options

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Like many I initially hesitated to option the AT Dark wheels thinking the $3500 was not a good value and I could get some other options post delivery. I've now reconsidered for a number of reasons and will forsure go OEM. My thoughts are below

Pros for the Rivian wheels - I (personally) prefer the look of OEM, they will be more valuable for future resale, perfect fitment, they are actually forged (stronger/lighter) and specifically tuned for the vehicle not only in driving dynamics but programed range calculations, I can roll the cost into my vehicle financing

Pros for Aftermarket wheels - Assuming I've selected the standard 21" option I would now have two sets of wheels therefore getting the best of both worlds with a quick swap (range/off roading capability), my vehicle looks unique compared to other Rivans

Did some window shopping on Discount Tire for some Aftermarket Off Road wheel and tire options for the R1T and found a set that looked the best to me but would cost almost the exact same imagine that (assuming I configured the correct geometry, price shouldn't change much with offset)

I'd love to hear if anyone else is planning to go aftermarket?

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The Saint is correct the OEM offset is +48. My issue with the OEM rim for rock climbing is sliding off a boulder and damaging the wheel because the spokes have no offset. This is shown in a you tube video.

My hours of research have resulted in not too many options to test a wheel tire combination forwheel well clearance. A local 4 wheel specialist will order one wheel to try but will not mount a tire.

Tire rack will allow me to return wheel and their mounted tire if not driven on, but their minimum offset is +20. I would try the fit at their pickup center in Denver and not drive on it for an easy return.

Rivian Service Tech says trying to raise the vehicle to off road just for clearance limits the speed to 50 mph, then the Rivian computer will take over and lower the vehicle, whoops. Rivian ST also said that the OEM Pirellis are molded with a camber and that an aftermarket tire will not track nicely on the highway. In other words, the Pirellis are custom made for the Rivian weight and driving modes. This is first hand knowledge from Rivian technicians, not social media.

I sure hope someone actually posts first hand information on their success getting and using a true off road rock climbing wheel and tire combination.
I had my buddy in the wheel industry look into 18", but that failed. 🤦‍♂️Yellow line is a trace of our caliper on a 2D of a 18" wheel barrel.
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gemmisa, Thank you for the graphic. It is beyond my comprehension that your buddy was able to 2 D image of the fit. I always want more, so I am asking if it would be possible for your buddy to image how a 20 inch rim with +20 offset and mounted 275/65R20 in the wheel well and if it will clear?
My main objective is to inset the wheel ribs so that they do not get damaged when sliding off a boulder. The OEM rims/wheels were ill designed for rock climbing. Second objective is grippier tires than OEM. I'm working a tire rack salesman who sold a spare rim/tire mount to a Rivian owner but it was not the specifications of OEM. Hopefully the Tire rack buyer has tested the rim/tire combination and I might get factual feedback. Safe adventures, Mike
I measured how comfortable I was with a 12mm spacer for purposes of testing how close the factory 275/65/20 tire moved to the fender lining. Results below:
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Based on the spacer test fit, I'm looking at a getting a custom forged wheel set: 20x90+43 which is pushes the entire wheel/tire assembly 11mm outward (almost identical to above). Any more aggressive like a 20mm...I would be afraid munching my fender while driving.
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@gemmisa nice work! Do you think you can increase offset and run larger tires (285s or 295s) as well? And nice GTR (with te37s?).
295/60/20 (33.9) would be very close in outer dims from the stock Pirelli 276/65/20 tire (34.1).
Load rating of 126 is the same as stock also.

I haven't looked at inner clearance from the tire to air suspension assembly, but I'd still be concerned about the tire getting too close to the fender. Might munch the fender in low mode with a 295 or a 275 with overly aggressive offset.

20" TE37's probably aren't loaded for a truck with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of 8,532lbs.
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