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Thanks @Mattedfred - this is an interesting article for those of us planning to tow with our new Rivian.

At present, the only data point we have is that an R1T towing a box trailer with an 11,000 lb load reduces range by 50% (per Rivian.) Now that deliveries are finally happening, I would hope that much more real-world data on Rivian towing starts to become available.

At present, the R1T Max is probably not a practical tow vehicle even for my small (16') and light (1,500 ib) teardrop camper, because of range limitations and the lack of charging stations. The latter should start to change rapidly however, and that's one reason I'm not too upset about the Rivian delivery delays.

If I stay with my present order for an R1 Max, Rivian tells me it will be in my driveway sometime in the first half of 2023. My guess is that 2024 is far more likely. If Rivian finally gets around to offering an R1S Max, which is what I really want, a 2025 delivery is probably the soonest it would be available. By 2024, and certainly by 2025, the charging network should be built out enough to support towing a camper with an EV. And who knows, by that time we may have BEV;s with solid-state batteries with more range and faster charging times, as well as more choices in vehicles.

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Anytime. I figured those that either own or are considering buying a BEV and might want to tow with it would appreciate it. I'm happy to see a manufacturer actually recognizing this paradigm shift and being proactive by researching how they can improve their product to meet the forecast demand.
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