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Rivian announced that Alexa is coming to the R1T (Pickup), R1S (SUV) and fleet delivery vans:

"At CES, Amazon announced that its fleet of 100,000 all-electric delivery vans -- ordered from Plymouth, Mich., startup Rivian in a deal announced in September -- would integrate Alexa Auto.
Rivian will also integrate Alexa into its first two all-electric vehicles, the R1S and R1T.

Lamborghini is bringing Alexa to its Huracan Evo. The Rivian and Lamborghini integrations will roll out this year.
Amazon said its Echo Auto smart device will be launched internationally this year, including in India this month and a European rollout in February. The device was created for use in vehicles that don't have Alexa Auto and for automakers that don't plan to fully embed the assistant but want it available in their vehicles."
~ Automotive News
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