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Would you rather they spend millions of dollars for prime-time advertising like Ford has been doing for the Lightning for the past year? Or maybe they should buy naming rights to a sports stadium, like other car companies have done?

As long as they're spending money on marketing, I prefer to have the chargers.
Ok I agree with that statement but it's a false choice. They don't have to spend money on the chargers or on stupid advertising. Both are bad non-investments.

They bleed cash like crazy. They're high touch CS right now. To maintain customer satisfaction hey have to fix shit they're not getting right on a relatively large fraction of vehicles because they're still low volume production. They have to build up and staff service centers that, given their current numbers, will be underutilized for a while. Those investments are painful but sensible. EV chargers in one state's parks (or anywhere, really) are not sensible for them.
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