Get your questions about Rivian's software answered by the automakers head of software engineering!
Rivian Official is here to answer your (software) questions!

Hi everyone!

While r/Rivian is a fan-run hobby community, many of you may know that we chat with Rivian from time to time about your experience, passing along the good stuff and the stuff that needs troubleshooting. We asked you all a while back what you would think of having "Official Rivian" in this sub to help out with your questions and you seemed to think that was a pretty neat idea.

The mods and I followed up and we're thrilled to announce that Wassym Bensaid, VP of Software Engineering at Rivian, is here to help! He's u/WassymRivian and has user flair to distinguish himself.

Be on the lookout for him chiming in on your questions related to software, especially those tagged with a 'Troubleshooting' flair. Wassym won't be able to get to everything and we should think of this as an experiment, but we think this will make the sub even more useful. So, give Wassym a welcome by commenting below — including any questions you may have for him!

PS. Give him a bit of time to respond.