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I am a ham (KC6DTO) that would like to install a vhf/uhf mobile transceiver into my future launch edition R1T. I use a Austin Metropolitan tri band antenna mounted on the middle of my roof on my GMC K1500 pickup. That mount takes advantage of a good ground plane. Doing so on the R1T is problematic because of the glass roof. My first thought is putting the antenna next to the shark fin antenna. I will have to research that proposed installation. I will query Rivian about radio installation when I take my First Mile drive.
During January 2021 I received the following reply about radio installation:
Thank you for contacting us and for reserving the Launch Edition R1T. With deliveries beginning this summer, I am sure you are super excited to get in the driver's seat! Although we appreciate your forward-thinking about installing accessories to support your amateur radios, we remain polishing the details of the warranty specifications and look forward to announcing the details closer to the start of production.
I will have to see what the warranty specifications state.

I do not know what radios Rivian uses in their pre-production vehicles. I believe the Trans American Trail trip used portable radios.

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