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Brought my R1T to the Brooklyn Service Center yesterday, July 15, for a repair to the gear tunnel door latches and the emergency escape button that were generating phantom messages and demanding attention. It was a perfectly perfect service experience. Dropped it off Thrusday, and it was repaired, washed and ready to go as promised on Friday.

The people there were all friendly, informed, happy to share experiences with the vehicle... and freely admitted that with each service ticket, they were "learning by doing" just as all of us lucky enough to be driving the trucks are "learning by doing" as we try out the innumerable systems in our trucks for the first time. Whatever they did to the vehicle, there were no warning messages from the gear tunnel on the 100 mile drive home. Of course, something else went awry: I could not engage lane hold on any of the interstates on the way home. I rebooted the system -- not a restart, just a reboot -- and I am hopeful that will resolve the problem.

The service center itself is very well done. A large customer waiting area nicely appointed, with all the comforts and conveniences. Outside, there was parking for what I guess are at least a dozen vehicles, and a couple of level two chargers. And I cannot say this enough: The service team was GREAT. Ex-Tesla drivers like myself, they were helpful and we shared experiences about the transition (bottom line, Tesla software is more "evolved" for now, but Rivian is sure to catch up"

Inside and outside, the place was full of new blue trucks... that seems to be the color of day (or week? or month?) If you are in the New York radius and want to improve your chances of an early delivery, my guess is that a blue adventure package with electric tonneau and the large battery (not extra large, just large) with standard tires is the configuration that is on hand right now. I did not look into the lot across the street carefully, but I did see multiple traces of Rivian Blue through the fence.

Frankly, I hope never to see a service center again... but in the event that I do need repair at the mother ship, this was a great experience.

AMAZON truck anecdote: Driving away from the repair center, I encountered a camoflage-painted Amazon truck stopped dead -- as in, apparently dead, stranded, unable to move, Kaput! -- on the street. Sorry, no photo. It was surrounded by cones all around. Normally I wouldn't have even noticed a double-parked truck in Brooklyn except that this one said "Powered by Rivian" in the back as I waited for a chance to scoot around it. It was hard to judge accurately, but my guess is that it is exactly the same size as the regular old ICE Amazon trucks out there. So... they are testing in Brooklyn.
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