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ICE to EV is a learning curve, especially the regen breaking.
I've never been able to understand statements like this.

Before I ever drove an EV, I read things like this and I was a little nervous about my first ride - I educated myself on what to expect so I wouldn't be surprised because I thought I would have to drive differently with regenerative braking. Much to my surprise, the regen braking was natural and I didn't have to think about it or do anything different when driving. Perhaps that's because I'm used to a manual transmission, but really It became second nature after about 1 block of driving.

Then when my wife first drove an EV, she didn't know anything at all about regenerative braking ahead of time. To her it was just an (expensive) car that I wanted to buy. When we got in the car I told her was that the car would slow down automatically, so if she wanted to brake then she should take her foot off the accelerator like usual and use the brake pedal only if necessary. She also figured it out for herself within 1 block of driving. Perhaps that's because she's an engineer and has a talent for understanding mechanical things, but she didn't need any instructions about how to use the regen braking and she didn't need to be educated on how it works in order to figure it out.

To me, regen braking is simple, instinctive, and intuitive, much like steering into a skid. I really don't understand why people are worried about or dislike regenerative braking.
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