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RSI have no plans for the Rivian. I have the SmartCap on an F-150 6½' bed.

Looking at the construction and assembly of the SmartCap, I think a competent fabricator with an for geometry could make it work.
The challenge with the molded glass caps is to resemble the body lines of the cab. The RSI is bolt-together aluminum extrusions.

I checked with the local dealer for:
A.R.E (4are.com)
ATC BUILD AND QUOTE - ATC Truck Covers - Truck Caps, Tonneau Covers, Campers Shells and Toppers
Snugtop Truck Caps, Tonneau Covers, Camper Shells & Toppers | SNUGTOP

It was earlier this year and I've lost the link, but there was a custom cap installer in Minneapolis if that's useful to anyone.

Things to consider:
  1. weight (even a fibreglass cap is quite heavy)
  2. security (annoying that it doesn't lock with the vehicle)
  3. rear view (looking back through two extra layers of glass down the "tunnel" of the bed)
  4. dust (the cap is sealed, but the bed is not, so dust can be sucked up into the bed)
  5. brake light wiring (it's a hassle in modern vehicles that don't like messing with the wiring)
Overall, a bed cap is luxury. Huge increase in secure, dry cargo space. Great for doggo, great for camping, great if you want a secure makeshift overnight sleeper. Great for securely carrying mountain bikes and gear, no apparent impact on aero drag (mpg.)

One reason my next EV pickup will be a boring, old GM EVlanche is the fitment of accessories like a bed cap and hopefully a winch (other major features being onboard power, midgate, tailgate, rear steer … all things that "Rivian really needs to … " but we can see from the stretching time line, it's just not realistic to expect anything from Rivian till they (correctly) get their factories churning out profitable EDVs.
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