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Reserved my R1T on June 28, 2022. When I made the reservation, the page indicated a July - August 2023 delivery window
That doesn't sound realistic. I'm surprised they are still making gross mistakes in delivery windows like this. Many existing orders still have a 6 month window for 1H2023 or 2H2023 - I can't imagine they can give that precise a production estimate for newly placed orders when they don't really have a handle on all the old orders yet.

The math is that there are more than 98,000 preorders as of 30 June. Some 10,000 vehicles have been delivered. That puts you behind maybe 90,000 other people waiting for their R1T/R1S.

Rivian is probably not going to produce 90,000 vehicles in the next 12 months. They are targeting 25,000 vehicles for 2022, and they look to be on-track to reach that number. While production rate and factory capacity are improving, the supply chain continues to pose problems for everyone. I think you have a chance of getting your vehicle by the end of 2023 if everything works in your favor, and I think you will definitely get it before the end of 2024, but July/August 2023 is IMO unlikely. If it were up to me I would have told you 1H2024 then tried to exceed expectations by delivering it 6 months earlier. Telling you July/August 2023 is setting themselves up for failure and setting you up for disappointment.

Regardless, it's going to be worth the wait ...
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