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Australian Launch of Rivian R1T and R1S Confirmed, Timing Unclear

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The R1T and R1S will go on sale soon in Australia according to Rivian Chief Engineer, Brian Gase.

A tweet back in December 2018 originally confirmed that fans in Australia and Europe will get both Rivian models. However, months after promised, there's still no option to pre-order if you live outside the United States, Canada or Mexico. Soon that will change as we learned from an interview Gase had with Australian publication, Stuff. Timing of the launch is still unclear as Rivian has to first pick the 'right strategic markets' but they're excited about Australia:

Brian Gase: "Yes we will have an Australian launch, and I can't wait to come back to Australia and show this to all of those beautiful people. The 'when' is a tough question. How do you pick the right strategic markets on what's core to your brand, where you're going to see sales? And that's why Australia is so exciting to us because you guys share a lot of the off-road and nature values that I think we have as a company. And you're not on Italian narrow roads where this vehicle is a harder footprint to fit in."

Gase further justified a broader market base by highlighting on their right-hand-drive adaptability:

Brian Gase: "The truck makes sense in the Australian market. We see significant value, particularly with the SUV in right-hand drive markets. And we've commonised everything on the vehicles forward of the B-pillar, so by default, getting a right-hand-drive truck is a low barrier, because I've got a right-hand-drive SUV."
Hopefully Rivian follows through on yet another promise of pre-orders to open soon (as mentioned in this interview). Pricing hasn't been announced but is expected to start from just over $100,000 (NZD) for the R1T dual-cab truck and over $5,000 more for the seven-passenger R1S SUV.

Stay tuned as we follow the Australian launch.
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I though all the investment cap Rivian received would help better fulfill global demand.

Could we expect to see more capital flowing their way?
Rivian has been posting more real world photos of production spec Rivians. I think this could signal more official word from them in the coming weeks if we're lucky. They are responsive on twitter for anyone who cares to bother them.

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Rivian will need to show more of the R1T and R1S in the city, where people will actually use them!
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