A new Autoshow called Autopia 2099 for EVs will be taking place this weekend (December 4) at Optimist Studios in Los Angeles.

It's $5 per person to go see and $15 per car if you want to participate.

Is anyone planning on going to this?

8AM Gates Open for show cars
10AM Gates Open for spectators
1PM Special Presentation
3PM Awards

We’re leaving 2020 in the rear view mirror, and heading into 2021 with at least a modicum of optimism. After this year it feels weird to be hopeful, but I think we can all hope that this year will bring a fix for the virus, a fix for the environment, a fix for our government. We’re in the early stages of the turnaround. And what better way to celebrate that than with a car show? Not just any car show, a car show for the future. A car show celebrating the future, a brighter and better future. Autopia 2099 is that show. A shining beacon on the hill to light our way forward into a more optimistic future.

Since the dawn of the car there have been electric cars. It just took a little bit of time — and a lot of technological advancement — for them to catch on as mainstream reliable daily transportation. It’s time to celebrate not only the best of the current crop, but the full pantheon of electrified car that got us to where we are today.

This isn’t your average everyday car show. No parking lots or golf courses. No uppity suit jacket and mint julep crowd, just a gathering of electric car appreciators. Whether you daily drive a Tesla, race an electric streamliner at Bonneville, built a solar car for your university, or swapped some lead acid batteries and a forklift motor into a Ford Pinto as a weekend project, you’re welcome at Autopia 2099.

Enjoy the future of optimism, folks. We’re all friends here.