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We just moved to the Bay Area's Napa County from San Jose. Been installing solar for 15 years with the last few years doing a lot of commercial work and recently getting a lot of interest for residential battery storage systems and EV charging installations. Wife picked up her Tesla Model Y in Dec 2020 and we both love it, I think she loves it more than I do. The styling and road feel are meh for me, but I definitely appreciate the technology and raw electric power!

My daily driver is a Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid and while we lived in San Jose (tiny 1 car garage with no easy way to charge), I had been running on 100% gasoline. Now that we have a bigger house I charge it every night (only takes a couple hours) and find that I can almost make it to Oakland on all battery. And the carpool lane sticker makes it sooo worth it to drive even a plug-in that's not 100% electric. I've been using it as my work van since 2018 and really have no complains so far except for 1) it's not a truck and 2) it's not 100% electric.

Super excited to own my first truck and first all electric work vehicle.

Biggest disappointment is lack of 240V receptacles and lack of vehicle to load/grid capability. Really wanted to go with the Ford F-150 Lightning for this very reason but that truck is just too big for me and also the prices I've seen are ridiculous.
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