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Tesla Model Y LR 2020; Rivian R1T Adventure 2022 (Reservation)
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This was my first longer trip, from Bend, OR to Bandon, OR - about 270 miles each way.

Even though the math said I'd have ~80 miles remaining when I arrived, I decided to make a charging stop at about 135 miles near Eugene, OR. I'd heard some bad stories from Tesla friends basically saying "don't trust the range"

Found an Electrify America charging station at let it roll for about 30-40 minutes. Gave me around 90 miles if I recall.

We golfed at Bandon Dunes most of the time but took a little side trip to the beach, which is where I tried both soft sand and drift modes. That particular OR beach is technically a US highway.

For the return, I decided to go straight thru and not charge. When I plugged the route into the R1T's nav it automatically added a charging stop. I selected "remove charging stops" and it warned me that I would not have enough charge to make it. Not "you may not have enough" but a firm "you won't have".

I decided to roll the dice anyway and made it with about 50 miles to spare. The only nervous time was on the ascent from the coast thru the pass, upt to 5K feet. I quickly went from 80+ miles projected to spare to 70, 60, 50, 45...

I realized that the way there I added a lot of miles via regen (mostly down) and got almost none on the way back (mostly up). I realize this isn't a very scientific analysis, but thought I'd share. Unrelated, I experience quite a few false positives using Driver+ - meaning the truck would brake as if it sensed something in front of me when there was nothing.

Lastly, I would advise being extra diligent when going to a small town. There was Tesla charging station but only 1 universal charger in Bandon - and it was broken. If there hadn't been (one!) charger at the golf resort, I would have been screwed. My plan B was to go to an RV park and hookup there, luckily it didn't come to that.

I do have some questions now though:
  1. Does the Rivian nav system factor in net-elevation gain when projecting range estimates for a given route?
  2. What is the threshold or tolerance before the nav system will warn that you won't have enough charge? Clearly it's somewhat conservative, maybe ~15%?
This will allow you to use Tesla destination chargers.

ABRP and PlugShare are essentially essential for non-Tesla EV travel in North America.

1. I don't know but I sure hope so! That's also data they can build over time as their vehicles traverse more roads and they collect more real world data. I believe that's how Tesla gets it so accurate.
2. I'd also like to know this!
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