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Suggesting a $200 mobile charger as a cheap alternative doesn't sound so good when you have to add on a $300 piece of plastic to make it work for a Rivian ...
The tesla charger is not Cheap as you suggest. This used to sell for $500 before Tesla quit selling one with every car. Price was decreased following and it is a DEAL!. It has the best array of male plugs to allow it to be used in almost any location. The Tesla tap adapter is a great piece of engineering and there is no "plastic" in this. See Specifications:

  • MADE IN USA - Original TeslaTap MINI 80 – Up to 80 AMPs at 250VAC (20KW).
  • Compatible – Can be used with ALL Generations of Tesla Chargers so you can connect your EV to ANY Tesla High Power Wall Connector, Destination Charger, or Universal Mobile Connector.
  • Tough – Completely machined from 100 percent Delrin (Acetal Homopolymer) (used by NASA for high strength and heat requirements) to very high tolerances and connections are fully encased and sealed internally for protection and can even be driven over and continue to operate.
  • Small - Less than 5” in total length (only extends 3.5” when inserted into EV) and has two Locking levers to give you the ability to lock it to your EV and/or your Tesla connector and can be easily stored in your EV glove box when not in use.
  • Warranty - TeslaTap's are protected for 1 year against manufacturing defects and have a direct US customer service phone number.
The tesla tap is small, light and when used with a Tesla NACS (North American Charge Standard) is lighter and smaller than a J1772 plug! Try one!!

The High-Performance Acetal Resin
Leading companies across the globe specify Delrin® acetal homopolymer for high-load mechanical applications such as gears, safety restraints, door systems, conveyor belts, healthcare delivery devices, and other demanding products and parts. Delrin® acetal homopolymer (Polyoxymethylene POM) is the ideal material in parts designed to replace metal. It combines low-friction and high-wear resistance with the high strength and stiffness such applications require. It provides a wide operating temperature range (-40 °C to 120 °C) and good colorability. Delrin® also mates well with metals and other polymers and offers excellent dimensional stability in high precision molding.
Compared to acetal copolymer, Delrin® acetal homopolymer offers higher tensile strength, stiffness, creep and fatigue resistance, and significantly higher impact resistance. The combination of these excellent mechanical properties in a single material allows for thinner, lighter-weight parts and shorter molding cycles with potential cost reductions. Learn more here about the major benefits Delrin® offers, it’s more than acetal – it’s Delrin®.


Back to the original poster: he has both a Tesla and a Rivian and needs to charge both. This is the perfect answer.
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