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We're waiting for an Audi e-tron in the next few weeks and an R1S next year. I need to get on the horse about a charger...

Forgive my ignorance but I'm checking Google and also want to ask smarter people than me. I have a 220 outlet in our garage for it, and it's on a double breaker labeled 50 on each. I think that means it's 50 amp, and that I should be good to get an L2 charger installed in my garage. Am I missing something?
You should be OK - that's a "double pole" breaker, so although it does look like it has 2 "50" labels, the breaker switch is joined and it's a single 50-amp circuit.

The remaining question would be what receptacle is installed in the garage. Chances are it's a 14-50 (will have 4 holes), which will work with many EVSEs. If it's something a little less common like a 6-50 (will have 3 holes) you may need to look a little harder for an EVSE that will plug into it.

As @toshee noted you will be able to pull 40 amps continuous over a 50 amp circuit.
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