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Bollinger officially reveals the B1 and B2

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Bollinger has officially revealed their B1 and B2 to the public and they look really cool. I really like how rugged they look in comparison to the R1S and R1T.

You can skip to 52:00 mark of the video when the vehicles actually appear.

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I've been very curious about Bollinger and while they look really cool on the outside, I'm surprised how bare bones it looks like inside. I really want to know how much they plan to sell them for.
TFL offroad got a chance to get up close with the Bollinger B1 and B2. The interior is definitely bare bones and simple. But it's also meant to be reconfigured to your liking which is cool.

You can set the pickup truck so that you can carry 16-foot pieces of wood which is really clever.

They're really playing up the electric Jeep Wrangler/Electric Land Rover d

Bollinger announced the pricing for their trucks and it's staggering.

The B1 and B2 will start at a whopping $125,000. Which I think is ridiculous when you compare their vehicles to Rvian.

Here's another interesting video of the Bollinger from Carwow that shows the ins and outs of the B2.

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