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Now this I think is pretty damn funny.

For climate change deniers, car companies are no longer allies and a riff has been created over the past year.

The Sierra Club, through a public records request with the EPA, along with reporting by the New York Times have revealed this clash between deniers and the auto industry.

“The automakers are not going to help and may be part of the opposition,” wrote Myron Ebell, a senior figure at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, a free-market think tank in Washington that disputes that climate change is a problem, in a May 2018 email sent to supporters and an official at the Environmental Protection Agency.

The administration must stick with the rollback, he said in the email, addressed to members of the “Cooler Heads Coalition,” a loose-knit group of climate denialists that Mr. Ebell leads.
As pointed out in the article Mr. Ebell and the Competitive Enterprise Institute are big figures among climate change deniers.

The correspondence, released by the Environmental Protection Agency to the Sierra Club under a public records request, underscores the rising influence of climate denialist groups, which jumped from the fringe to the mainstream in the Trump administration and now hold sway in federal policymaking. Mr. Ebell of the C.E.I. think tank, which challenges “global warming alarmism” and spearheaded the opposition to the Paris Agreement, was chosen to lead Mr. Trump’s environmental transition team.
I need to get my tiny violin out and play a tune for the climate change deniers for losing their "ally." :LOL:
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