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Hi New Existing Owners in Colorado.
I have a guide and expected delivery in May/June. I'm excited.
My Rivian guide answers to my questions about the MCO ("Manufacture Certificate of Origin" not the title because these are not previously owned vehicles, therefore they should have a MCO) by telling me the MCO will be sent to the DMV. Did that work for you? Was it easy?
Furthermore, I am a Disabled Veteran and do not have to pay vehicle licensing fees, I pay sales tax but that is all that I own Colorado in order to get DV plates.

I hope to be able to work this out with Rivian Delivery Guide, but am concerned it may be an issue. How did it go for you?

In my years of experience, buying new vehicles with a MCO from CO dealers and out of state dealers, that the MCO is handed to me because I pay cash. I know that I have to work with my own county DMV, in order to register the R1T. I am concerned that if the MCO is electronically or snail mailed to a general address at CODMV, that it will get lost in the cyber space, and that my county DMV will not get it.

My question to Colorado owners, how did the paperwork process go for you and what was the disabled veterans experience with the titling/licensing paperwork.

I would like to pick the R1T up in Norman, but Guide says no.
2nd choice, I would like to pick it up at the Rivian Service Center at 3893 Steele St, Denver, CO 80205, because I want to be the one who drives it first, after the transport driver. Did any of you pick it up at the Service Center? I live in El Paso County.

I've been looking forward to this for two years, and excited.

Launch Edition
Large pack
Glacier White
22" Sport Bright wheels
Black Mountain
Reinforced Underbody Shield
Tow Hooks
All-Weather Floor Mats
Powered Tonneau Cover
Cargo Crossbars
Wall Charger

Safe adventures,

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Great question, Mike. I'm also in El Paso County and hope a current owner has an answer for you. With Tesla, I walked away from delivery with all the paperwork and hand carried it to the DMV. I feel much more comfortable with that than with paperwork being sent to the DMV.

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I agree with you about having a MCO in hand. My guide is pushing back insisting I will never see the MCO. I called one Rivian call center rep asking if I could go to the Denver Service Center and he didn't even know what a MCO was ( even though he professes to be in the auto industry for years. he also pushed back saying all I needed was a bill of sale. If no one replies soon, I am going to reach out to Kyle from out of spec in North Denver area. He has the best you tube videos testing of the R1T of anyone I have seen. I will post his answer, if any, here.
Safe adventures, Mike
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