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Well. Now we know he / they know they are not communicating well. So glad he is getting lots of time driving the RT1 since we are not. I have been on a lot to programs that loose time. This is beginning to look like they will not release this year
Too bad. They had a window to succeed. It may be closing.
The closing of the timing gap between releasing of the R1T and the R1S can be explained by the possibility or probability that fabrication of structural, interior and other body parts and components for both may have continued unabated. They may not be assembled on the frames as that would require moving and storing large inert objects taken off of the line.
Our local John Deere plant is completing units, driving them out to the lots to store and then removing the chips to reinstall in the next one.
For the first half of this year it was June 2021 for R1T deliveries and August 2021 for R1S.

Then R1T was pushed to July. Then September....
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