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I've said it before, not a chance the Cybertruck would beat anything to market. Tesla is famous for LONG delays. 5 something years for the Model X originally. 2+ years for the Model 3. To their credit, the Model Y made it out pretty quickly, but, it was effectively just a body change from the Model 3. After managing to get people to put up $50,000 deposits, $250,0000 if they wanted the first edition, the roadster was supposed to be out over a year ago. Tesla is still happily sitting on customer's interest free money, just as they are with all those who paid $10,000 for Full Self Driving 3+ years ago and are still waiting, or have since sold their cars or turned them back in. The Semi was supposed to be out two years. The Cybertruck was supposed to be out in 2021. The following article pretty much assures that it will be AT LEAST another year or two out. Tesla hasn't even figured out the battery chemistry for it yet. So, Rivian at least, doesn't have to worry about that competition threat. GM and Ford are the two likely to be close to their target dates, simply from experience.

Just as Tesla ate up the premium EV market by being the first to market with no competition, I hope that Rivian is able to deliver on time. They have a golden opportunity to establish themselves as the standard when it comes to EV pickups. I hope they're able to capitalize on it. Would be huge for them to be the only game in town for at least a little while. Here's hoping to no more delays!

Must Says Cybertruck Would Cost $1,000,000.......
All preorder money may spend in Germany GIGA factory !!! LOL...
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