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Off topic I guess but I couldn't resist after reading that page in the manual. But that's some sad irony. A vehicle with a 130kWh pack can't jump start a gas car's tiny battery? They really didn't think of that? How underpowered is the 12V bus?

I suppose it's just a matter of time before we have to tell folks "sorry I can't give you a jump..." to just give the on the fence or anti-EV crowd more ammunition..
The high voltage pack isn’t what would be used for jump starting anyway. That pack runs ~450V.

There are two 12V batteries in the R1T which could theoretically be used to jump start another vehicle…. But Rivian doesn’t recommend it. This is likely just being conservative since jump starting can cause voltage drop, and the R1T is a.l electronics and voltage drop can cause some weird issues.

this isn‘t an EV-specific problem, btw. Lots of vehicles, including ICE, now have statements in the manual advising against using the vehicle to jump start another. My Volvo, for example, has such a statement. Again, it’s a vehicle with two 12V batteries, but a ton of sensitive electronics.

those portable jump-start-battery-kits are really the way to go, these days. Smaller and lighter to carry than a set of jumper cables, too!
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