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Should the ordering process be hands-on or hands-off

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I had just the opposite experience. When I received the email saying that Ocean Coast interior was going to be delayed, I immediately changed my configuration. I had ordered my Canyon Red with Ocean Coast interior on Nov 29th, 2018. Delivery was to be April/May.

My guide finally emailed me late April. It took a week to finally talk to Hilary. I explained that I would like to change my truck's configuration in order to get it as soon as possible. I gave her several color options that I would settle for. Within a week, she found me a truck that I liked and delivery is scheduled for May 13th. I am busy with the forms as we speak. No issues so far. I presume because I am a cash buyer with no trade in, that I got lucky.

I also have a Tesla Model Y that I had ordered and waited and waited. Finally around Oct 2020, I went into a Tesla service center and asked what was going on, as I hadn't heard and I had been waiting almost a year. The guy looked up my order and said, your car was ready in June and we sent you a text. When I didn't respond they sold my Y to someone else. I asked what number the sent the text to, and he told me to a number that happens to be a land line and can't receive texts! Anyway, the found me another one and luckily it was late November, and they registered it as a 2021 model.

So after nearly 3 years and 6 months, I am finally getting my Rivian. I do have a VIN and am celebrating it with some VINo that I bought.
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